EVERY Wednesday Night, BETWEEN 7 pm - 8pm



A Badge Draw is an old Aussie pub tradition that we're adopting for The Whiskey Co-Op. It's seen as an opportunity for a community of people to get together every week, share a drink or two and potentially win a whole lot of cash.

Each member has a keyring with a number on the back. Your member number goes into a draw and one number per week is called out on Wednesday night between 7-8pm. If you're present at the time your number is called, you receive the jackpot. 

The jackpot increases by $100 every week (capped at $5000) until someone is in the bar when their number is called.

There's also a meat tray up for grabs every week for who ever is in the bar. To go in the draw, purchase a ticket on the night for $1 and the winning ticket is drawn just before the Badge Draw.

It has been fantastic to see the community get together each month for whiskey tastings. The weekly Badge Draw is a chance for everyone to do it more frequently, share some whiskey and hopefully have it all paid for by the jackpot!
— Kim McDiarmid (Founder of the Co-Op)


  • Every member keyring number in circulation, as of Tuesday 5pm the night before, is written on a ball and placed inside a caged wheel.
  • One ball per week is drawn from the cage at anytime between 7 pm and 8 pm.
  • Member must be in the room at the time the number is drawn to claim jackpot.
  • Please bring your keyring but if not, your name and number is kept behind the bar.
  • Winner must have identification to claim jackpot.
  • If there is no winner, the jackpot increases by $100 for the following week.
  • Only members of the Co-Op go into the badge draw.
  • Begins on Wednesday 7 Feb 2018 (starting at $300 jackpot).
  • Meat raffle tickets cost $1 each and is drawn after 6pm every Wednesday.