Held on a Monday evening each month, we invite personalities working in the whisky industry to share some of their favourite drams for a tasting upstairs at The Wild Rover.

Master Distillers, distillery managers, brand ambassadors and even a Master Cooper have graced the floor of the whisky club. The tastings are casual, non-pompous and informative with each host sharing their experience on how they came to love whisky.

Invites are sent to all members two weeks before the event and numbers are limited so first in best dressed.


We will give you a fancy little numbered keyring that's used to enter tastings, claim promotions from the bar and to show that you're part of a boozy club that all your friends are going to want to join.


Remembering things can be hard. When you're drunk, it can be even more harderer. We're here to help so we created a whiskey passport to 'track your journey through the dram'. The passport is kept safe behind the bar and each member receive rewards as they taste their way through The Wild Rover's whisky collection.

These rewards are given after progressing through the passport and promotions are given throughout the year to help you along the way. 


Members are given first opportunity to book for all whisky events. We have teamed up with breweries, restaurants, Chocolatiers and even a Cheesemonger to pair and drink whisk(e)y with.  

There are four to six of these events per year and members are given the first opportunity to book.

There’s nothing like the Whiskey Co-Op, most other tastings i’ve been to are stuck up and shit.
— Jimmy Harrison, member since 2014